Games Keeper Enamel Pin

Games Keeper Enamel Pin

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‘That thing has a name?’
‘Of course he’s got a name. He’s mine! I bought him off an Irish fella I met down the pub last year. Then I lent him to Dumbledore to guard the-‘
‘I shouldn’t have said that.’

I bloomin’ love Hagrid!

38mm hard enamel pin
High Polish Gold plated
Comes with rubber clasps


!! DIPPED FLAWED ENAMEL PINS !! These are pins with lots of dipped enamel flaws. They would still would be good for a display etc, however multiple sections of his beard are dipped and shows a sort of warped affect. Some also have other little flaws but nothing major. They are also single posted. Please note you'd be buying a flawed pin and these cannot be returned.