What's the difference between A, B and C grades?

An A grade is what I'd class as a good pin and will have no visible flaws. (But please bare in mind tiny flaws can be missed and if they're so tiny I class them as not visible)

A B grade pin is a pin with small flaws. These are small so shouldnt be that visible on display or whilst wearing them. Please bare in mind flaws will vary. B grades will usually come on a backing card.

A C grade is a pin with more visible flaws. These will most likely be visible whilst wearing or on display. Please bare in mind flaws will vary. C grades will most likely not come on a backing card.

Flaws include things like scratches, dents, over fill of enamel, under fill of enamel, wrong enamel shades etc.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at sales@whimsywitchco.com Please allow up to 72 working hours for a reply, and if I dont reply within that time send a polite reminder as I may have missed it

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! You can see shipping options at checkout.

I got charged customs! Can you do anything about this?

Sadly I cannot be held responsible for custom fees. Custom details will be entered correctly when shipped as it is a legal requirement. I cannot cover any fees a customer receives.

How long till my order is shipped?

Current processing times are displayed in the annoucement bar on the homepage. Please note they are working days so don't include weekends and Bank Holidays.

Can I upgrade my shipping class?

There are multiple options at check out to upgrade to tracked shipping methods. Please note standard shipping does not include tracking.

What happens when I place an order with a preorder pin within it?

A preorder pin means you're ordering it before the pin has been made. This means there is a wait time of approximately 6-8 weeks before the pin is in your hands. If you order other items within the same order your whole order will not ship until the preorder pin is made, due to only one shipping cost being paid. If you have placed an order which contains a preorder item and would like to have the rest of the order shipped please give me an email (sales@whimsywitchco.com) and we can arrange for you to pay the extra shipping cost.