FAQ & Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies

There are a variety of shipping methods for UK and International Post. For international post I always recommend upgrading to tracked post for peace of mind. If your order is delayed or lost there isnt much I can do if your order isn't tracked. Due to the delays worldwide in post I ask that international orders be given at least 2-3 months to arrive. I most likely won't look into a lost order until this time as I have experienced some orders take 3 months to arrive.

International orders may occur custom, VAT or processing fees when the package arrives in your country. This is something we are not liable for and it isn't our responsibility to pay. We won't reimburse any charges that may occur. 

Recent EU law changes mean that any post arriving after the 1st July 2021 in the EU will most likely incur VAT and processing fees. These fees are variable between EU countries. Due to us being a small business and not being able to register to the IOSS (due to the cost/number of packages we send to EU countries every month not being enough) we don't include VAT in our prices. This means you'll most likely be charged these when the package arrives. This is something that is out of our control and we cannot be held responsible for and we aren't responsible to pay for. We won't reimburse any charges that people have to pay. The charges are incredibly frustrating however I hope you understand the circumstances are out of our control. Please make sure to factor these extra charges in before making a purchase on our store.


What's the difference between A (Standard), B and C grades?

An A grade (standard grade) is what I'd class as a good pin and will have no visible flaws. (But please bare in mind tiny flaws can be missed and if they're so tiny I class them as not visible)

A B grade pin is a pin with small flaws. These are small so shouldnt be that visible on display or whilst wearing them. Please bare in mind flaws will vary. B grades will usually come on a backing card.

A C grade is a pin with more visible flaws. These will most likely be visible whilst wearing or on display. Please bare in mind flaws will vary. C grades will most likely not come on a backing card.

Flaws include things like scratches, dents, over fill of enamel, under fill of enamel, wrong enamel shades etc.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at sales@whimsywitchco.com Please allow up to 72 working hours for a reply, and if I dont reply within that time send a polite reminder as I may have missed it

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! You can see shipping options at checkout. I offer untracked and tracked shipping, and I always recommend upgrading to tracked. If an untracked parcel goes missing there is sadly not much I can do about it. We are not responsible for any customs or VAT charges when packages arrive.

I got charged customs/VAT! Can you do anything about this?

I cannot be held responsible for customs, VAT or processing fees. VAT prices are not included in my shop prices, so these will be at the customers responsibility to pay. Custom details will be entered correctly when shipped as it is a legal requirement. I cannot cover any fees a customer receives. These extra fees are frustrating but sadly something I have no control over.

How long till my order is shipped?

Current processing times are displayed in the annoucement bar on the homepage. Please note they are working days so don't include weekends and Bank Holidays. As a small business the processing times can vary and delays may happen as it's just myself and my husband working around having 2 young children.

Do your pins come on backing cards?

Depending on how many pins you buy depends on what size backing card you get. If you buy more than 1 pin your order will most likely be sent on a postcard size backing card instead of individual ones. This is because we started to notice backing cards were getting damaged in transit and we were concerned in case a pin was damaged whilst being thrown around in transit. A postcard sized backing card sits more nicely and snug in our packing boxes so there's less chance of damage. 

If you are purchasing pins as a gift and what them on separate backing cards please make sure to let us know either by email or notes when placing the order so we can accommodate this.

Can I upgrade my shipping class?

There are multiple options at check out to upgrade to tracked shipping methods. Please note standard shipping does not include tracking.

What happens when I place an order with a preorder pin within it?

A preorder pin means you're ordering it before the pin has been made. This means there is a wait time of approximately 8-10 weeks before the pin is in your hands. If you order other items within the same order your whole order will not ship until the preorder pin is made, due to only one shipping cost being paid. If you have placed an order which contains a preorder item and would like to have the rest of the order shipped please give me an email (sales@whimsywitchco.com) and we can arrange for you to pay the extra shipping cost.

I think my order is lost in the post!

If you believe your order is lost or delayed in the post please allow a certain amount of time before emailing us. If your order was untracked there isn't much we can do about your order, so this is why we recommend upgrading your shipping to tracked at check out. There have been worldwide delays in post so it could be that your parcel is just taking a long detour to get to you. The longest a parcel has taken to reach someone international (to the USA) has been 3 months, and the longest a parcel has taken to reach someone in the UK is 8 weeks, so the delays are very real (and a pain in the butt!). Please be patient with orders and small businesses as postal delays are out of our control.