Contact Me

To contact us please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can (usually within 72 working hours). If you don't receive a reply from us after this time feel free to send us a polite and kind reminder as we may have missed it. Thanks!

When contacting us about an order please include your order number, full name and address to help speed up the process so we can help you faster.

Just a polite reminder that we are a small business and it's just 2 people behind this store, so please be kind when emailing us, even if you feel we've made a mistake/error/delay. We will be more than happy to help with any issues if we receive nice and friendly emails. Unfriendly emails can be damaging to someone's mental health and we also won't want to give as much help either! Being kind goes a long way :)

Contacting us regarding delayed/lost mail

If you believe your order is lost or delayed in the post please allow a certain amount of time before emailing us. If your order was untracked there isn't much we can do about your order, so this is why we recommend upgrading your shipping to tracked at check out. There have been worldwide delays in post so it could be that your parcel is just taking a long detour to get to you. The longest a parcel has taken to reach someone international (to the USA) has been 3 months, and the longest a parcel has taken to reach someone in the UK is 8 weeks, so the delays are very real (and a pain in the butt!). Please be patient with orders and small businesses as postal delays are out of our control.